New Horizons Spacecraft Wakes Up

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has woke up today after six months of electronic hibernation. Flying through the Kuiper Belt more than 3.7 billion miles (6 billion kilometers) from Earth, New Horizons phoned home to let NASA flight controllers know it’s in good health. “We were here in the mission operations center, and it was great,” said Mission operations […]

Russian space capsule lands in Kazakhstan with 3 onboard

A Soyuz space capsule carrying Russian Anton Shkaplerov, American Scott Tingle and Japan’s Norishige Kanai from the International Space Station landed safely in Kazakhstan. The capsule hit the ground at 6:39 p.m. (1239 GMT) Sunday. Anton Shkaplerov, who was the first to be lifted and carried from the capsule, told the camera crew: “We are a bit tired but happy […]

SpaceX launches communications satellite

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida early Monday, boosting a powerful SES satellite into space that will deliver direct-to-home TV, broadband and data relay services to customers across the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and the Middle East. The first stage has flown once before, in September 2017, carrying the robotic X-37B space plane for […]

Jupiter’s Jet Stream

Jupiter is the largest and most massive planet in our solar system. You might not think of it as a place to learn about Earth’s atmosphere and weather, but Jupiter, like our home planet, has cyclones (the Jovian equivalent of hurricanes) and anticyclones, along with fast-moving jet streams that circle its globe. Revealed in this […]

Scientists discover 240-million-year-old “mother of all lizards”

A fossil reptile almost 240-million-years old has been found in the Italian Alps has changed our understanding of the evolution of lizards and snakes. Megachirella wachtleri has features unique to squamates, the group including lizards, snakes and legless lizards that look like worms. Squamate evolution began on the supercontinent of Pangaea. Her existence helps explain the transition from […]