Orangutan Tries To Fight Bulldozer Destroying Habitat

Sad footage of an orangutan trying to fight off a bulldozer destroying its habitat in West Borneo. As loggers smash the base of a tree in the Ketapang District, West Borneo, heart-breaking video from International Animal Rescue (IAR) shows one of the great apes perched in the tree’s canopy as it falls to the floor.

Scuba Divers Hand Feed Hammerhead Sharks

These scuba divers showed no fear as they hand-feed hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas. The daring divers can be seen swimming alongside the predators as they hand the sharks huge pieces of meat – with their fingers just centimeters away from rows of sharp teeth. Marine biologist, Christina Barringer, caught the heart-stopping moment on camera […]

Tie-lapse of a Mosquito sucking blood

Some photographers will stop at nothing to get the perfect picture and this one is no exception. Lior Kestenberg spent an entire day being bitten by mosquitoes, allowed hundreds of mosquitoes to bite him in an effort to get some incredible shots of the pesky blood-sucking insects and the results speak for themselves.

Diver Swims With Mesmerising Manta Rays

The video shows the diver gliding underwater with the manta rays in full view. William Drumm, 32, from Denver, Colorado, a photographer and filmmaker, said: “The last two years I have traveled to the Socorro Island, hoping to swim with and film the world’s largest manta rays. “This is one of the giant oceanic manta […]