In 1993, the American company Space Marketing Inc. proposed to build a giant illuminated advertising billboard in outer space.

The plan was for the billboard to be launched into low orbit and be visible from Earth. The billboard’s advertising space would have been a half-mile by quarter-mile sheet of Mylar that can be rolled and packed tightly. Once ejected from the launch vehicle, the reflective sheet would unfurl and be pulled taut by a framework of inflating Mylar tubes.

From Earth, 150 miles away, the billboard would appear about half the size of the full moon. Any company logo it bears would have been visible to the naked eye. Traveling at about 20,000 m.p.h., it could be seen from any Earth location for only 10 minutes a day, and would burn up in the atmosphere after two weeks.

The project didn’t meet funding and inspired a bill to ban all advertisement in outer space.