Subtropical Storm Alberto has developed in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first major storm of the 2018 hurricane season, which is supposed to start June 1.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Alberto was located about 55 miles south of Cozumel, Mexico, and about 195 miles southwest of the western tip of Cuba. It was moving north-northeast at 6 mph, with winds of 40 mph.

The storm is expected to bring heavy rain to the Yucatan Peninsula, western Cuba, Florida and the northeastern Gulf Coast throughout the weekend.

A subtropical storm has a less defined and cooler center than a tropical storm, and its strongest winds are found farther from its center. Subtropical storms can develop into tropical storms, which in turn can strengthen into hurricanes.

The National Weather Service predicts that as much as seven inches of rain could fall in southern Mississippi and Alabama as well as Florida.