NASA’s newest planet-hunting satellite takes amazing first image

NASA’s newest planet-hunting satellite just beamed back its first test image. The image is the star field around the constellation Centaurus; this 2-second exposure captured more than 200,000 stars. The bright flash at the bottom of the image is the star Beta Centauri, which is 391 light years away. TESS, the satellite launched by NASA last month that will search […]

Spacewalking astronauts reposition space station cooling pumps

Two astronauts went for a spacewalk outside the International Space Station to reposition two spare solar array ammonia coolant pump assemblies. NASA astronauts Drew Feustel and Ricky Arnold quickly swapped the positions of two spare ammonia pumps that are part of the space station’s critical cooling system. One pump got too cold because of a […]

Proposed NASA Budget Includes $10 Million to Find Aliens

The search for extraterrestrial life may be getting some extra dollars. A new bill in the House of Representatives related to NASA’s funding proposes $10 million a year for “the search for technosignatures, such as radio transmissions.” of alien life. “NASA shall partner with the private sector and philanthropic organizations to the maximum extent practicable to search for technosignatures, […]